Taqorrub: Jurnal Bimbingan Konseling dan Dakwah http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub <p>Taqorrub: Journal Bimbingan Konseling dan Dakwah adalah Journal Ilmiah diterbitkan dua kali dalam setahun yaitu pada bulan Januari dan Juli, Journal ini menyajikan informasi dan analisis persoalan di bidang Bimbingan Konseling, kajian Dakwah dan dinamika perkembangan Dakwah, yang di terbitkan oleh Prodi Bimbingan Penyuluhan Islam (BPI) Fakultas Dakwah Institut Agama Islam Riyadlotul Mujahidin Ngabar (IAIRM) Ponorogo</p> en-US fatakhul17@gmail.com (Fatakhul Huda) sitikhusnulfaizah@gmail.com (Siti Khusnul Faizah,M.Pd) Wed, 12 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Semangat Pluralisme Untuk Menjaga Keutuhan NKRI http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/64 <p>The Indonesian nation was created by Allah SWT as a plural nation based on ethnicity, culture, race and religion by having the motto of Unity in Diversity. Plurality is a sociological reality which in reality society is indeed plural. Plural basically shows more than one and ism is something related to understanding or flow. Thus pluralism is an understanding or attitude towards multiple or many circumstances in everything including social, cultural, political and religious</p> <p>All religions also strengthen national integration through teachings that emphasize a sense of fairness, compassion, tolerance of religious harmony, unity, unity, brotherhood and togetherness. Besides that, the noble values ​​of culture and maintaining the integrity of the Unity and Unity of the Indonesian nation which is manifested through customs also play a role in binding the inner relations within each citizen and Indonesian nation. And if all that is not realized then there will be many conflicts in Indonesia.</p> <p>The young generation must possess and instill a high sense of pluralism in providing a tolerance of religious harmony in Indonesia. Leaders are born from young generations to succeed the ideals of the Indonesian people.</p> <p>Along with this pluralism, especially in Indonesia, there is an importance if we understand that in fact, all the differences that we have are not basic, not the breath of the establishment of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. However, the Homeland was formed because of similarities and not differences.</p> Fatakhul Huda Copyright (c) 2020 Taqorrub: Journal Bimbingan Konseling dan Dakwah http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/64 Wed, 12 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Implementasi metode Karyawisata Sekolah Dasar http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/65 <p>Elementary school age children are a period of play and activity for students and need movement in learning activities and interact directly with what is being learned. In reality, many learning activities in elementary schools still use the teacher center approach, namely the teacher as a source of knowledge. In the learning process, teachers in conveying learning competencies in the classroom using the lecture method and have not optimally utilized the surrounding environment in learning. The use of methods that are too frequent and the place of learning that is always in the class makes students bored in participating in learning. In the early learning activities the students looked enthusiastic, but a few minutes after entering the core lesson the students seemed to be playing alone due to boredom, as a result the student's learning achievement was not optimal. The problems above are classical problems that occur in every elementary school</p> M. Nurois Amin Copyright (c) 2020 Taqorrub: Journal Bimbingan Konseling dan Dakwah http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/65 Wed, 12 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0000 The Effectiveness Of Talking Chips To Teach Speaking Viewed From Students’ Self-Esteem http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/66 <p>This research is aimed at finding out whether: (1) talking chips is more effective than direct instruction to teach speaking; (2) students who have high self-esteem have better speaking skill than those who have low self-esteem; and (3) there is an interaction between teaching methods and students’ self-esteem in teaching speaking.</p> <p>The research method used was an experimental study. The research was conducted at Institut Agama Islam Riyadlatul Mujahidin (IAIRM) Ponorogo in the academic year of 2019/2020. The population was the first semester students of Institut Agama Islam Riyadlatul Mujahidin (IAIRM) Ponorogo in the academic year of 2019/2020 which consisted of three faculties. The sample was taken by using cluster random sampling. There were two classes used as samples, namely tarbiyah faculty as the experimental class taught by using talking chips and syariah faculty as the control class taught by using direct instruction. The data of the research were collected using a questionnaire and a speaking test. After the normality and homogeneity tests were conducted, the hypothesis test was done. The data of speaking test were analyzed by using multifactor analysis of variance 2 x 2 and Tukey test.</p> <p>Based on the data analysis, there are some research findings that can be drawn. First, talking chips is more effective than direct instruction to teach speaking. Second, the students who have high self-esteem have better speaking skill than those who have low self-esteem. Third, there is an interaction between teaching methods and students’ self-esteem in teaching speaking.</p> Siti Khusnul Faizah Copyright (c) 2020 Taqorrub: Journal Bimbingan Konseling dan Dakwah http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/66 Wed, 12 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Tantangan Dan Strategi Dakwah Masa Pandemi Covid-19 di Kabupaten Ponorogo http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/68 <p>Da'wah activities before the Covid-19 pandemic in Kab. Ponorogo is very enthusiastic and very excited. In the field of majlis ta'lim, tabligh akbar, da'wah seminars, routine recitation such as yasinan, tahlilan, starting from the RT, Village, Subdistrict to Regency level activities are carried out regularly and programmed. Da'wah activists are relatively still based on traditional / conventional patterns, namely by lecturing through the pulpit, recitation from one place to another or the scope of the organization / group and relying on radio, television and newspaper preaching. It's different today. Like it or not, the da'i must be able to adapt to the situation and conditions that occur around them. The Covid-19 outbreak hit Kab. Ponorogo has an impact on all lines both in economy, culture, education and da'wah. Da'wah activists take advantage of this situation by creating various da'wah programs. The strategy carried out by dakwah activists is to open internet lectures such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom video conferencing, live Instagram broadcasts and others. This is certainly a great opportunity to expand the range of congregations across regions in Indonesia.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Syahrudin Copyright (c) 2020 Taqorrub: Journal Bimbingan Konseling dan Dakwah http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/68 Wed, 12 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Analisis Perkembangan Moral Dan Spiritual Pada Santri Madrasah Diniyah Al-Mutma’innah Winong Jetis Ponorogo http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/69 <p>Studying the development of humans and other creatures in general, we must distinguish two things, namely the process of maturation (maturation means the process of growth which involves perfecting bodily functions so as to cause changes in behavior regardless of the presence or absence of the learning process) and the process learning (learning, means changing or improving behavior through practice, experience and contact with the environment in humans is very important to learn through social contact so that people live in a society with a complex cultural structure).</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; This research is located at Madrasah Diniyah Al-Mutma'innah Winong Jetis Ponorogo. This research uses a qualitative approach, which is a case study, which examines in depth all the events related to the discussion. The method used in gathering information in the field is the method of observation and in-depth interviews. Analysis of the data used is data reduction, data presentation and conclusions.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; From the results of research in the field, it is known that: 1) Moral development of madrasa diniyah al-Mutma'innah students includes: The majority of madrasa santri have behaved well even though not yet 100%, have characteristics or uniqueness of each in terms of moral / behavior, behave politely, respect to the teacher, behave well to the surrounding community, and peers even though it is not yet optimal and need better guidance, have a sense of responsibility towards himself, the teacher and fellow friends, and like to imitate everything they see, observe, and they hear. 2) The spiritual development of children / santri madrasah diniyah al-Mutma'innah is as follows: The students have begun to recognize their true identity as servants of Allah SWT, believe in the existence of God the Creator, Angels, Apostles, and the book of God, know their true identity as students study Islamic religion in madrasa, start practicing worship both in madrasa and in the community / residence, have an enthusiastic attitude and enthusiasm in learning the Koran including tartilnya, memorization and recitation, have a high enthusiasm in learning, creativity, adventure outside and others. 3) Factors that influence students' moral and spiritual development are internal and external factors.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Yuli Umro'atin Copyright (c) 2020 Taqorrub: Journal Bimbingan Konseling dan Dakwah http://jurnal.iairm-ngabar.com/index.php/taqorrub/article/view/69 Wed, 12 Aug 2020 00:00:00 +0000